What Could Be The Repercussions of Running Your Furnace Without A Filter?

A furnace filter has an important task to do and it cannot be run without a proper filter. For a furnace to function appropriately, it should always be equipped with a working, clean filter. In bone-chilling winter months, many of us rely on furnaces to heat our residences. If you’re not an HVAC specialist, you don’t need to know everything about how your furnace functions, but every homeowner should be familiar with the filter.

What is The Importance of a Furnace Filter?

The furnace air filter, which helps clean the air circulating through your home, has tightly woven fiberglass or cloth elements that create a semi-permeable blockade that traps toxic particles.

A blocked air filter prevents air from flowing through the unit, which can cause – 

  1. Poor Air Quality

Bacteria, pet dander, and other particles are in the air for a while but settle after some time. The heat from the furnace eradicates some of the particles, but the rest flies away through the vents. 

This lessens the overall air quality of the home. Your lungs don’t want to breathe in dust and soot, and it can cause respiratory disorders such as asthma and COPD. The reaction could be minor or severe, like asthma or pet allergies can require hospitalization.

  1. Harmful particles are not trapped. 

While fighting off the invasion of pet dander and dust particles, it can lower your immune system. This makes you more vulnerable to widespread infections and ailments. 

Bacteria and viruses also get caught up and fed through the ventilation system without a filter. When you combine a weak immune system and a lot of viruses and germs in the air, you get an ideal storm of illnesses. Therefore, you should schedule furnace maintenance in Humble, TX, today.

  1. Damage to Your Furnace

The filter helps with air quality but its main job is to prevent those particles from collecting on the furnace and its small parts. This can damage the machinery and ultimately cause it to break down. 

If you are fortunate, the furnace only requires a good cleaning. If something breaks, you’ll need a costly rehabilitation and, in some cases, a new furnace. If this happens on a  severely cold day, you’ll end up paying additional fees for emergency repairs.

If the repair person can’t get to you soon or needs to order a part, then you will have to spend on a hotel room for your household until the furnace is repaired.

  1. A Fire Hazard

Small dust particles are not flammable, but when they accumulate on hot furnace components, then they can catch fire. This may harm the furnace beyond repair, but if the fire spreads then, it can jeopardize your household. Thus, furnace cleaning in Humble, TX, is very important. The filter prevents such a tragedy from taking place.

Therefore it’s essential to have a filter in your furnace. Nevertheless, if any doubts crop up, you can consider calling JHC Heating and Cooling. You can attain a range of HVAC maintenance in Humble, TX, by calling (281)-658-4946.