Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Spring, TX

Air Conditioning Services In Spring, TX and the Surrounding Areas

The last thing you need in the summer is for your AC unit to break down or malfunction. To avoid such situations, you can schedule air conditioning maintenance services from JHC Cooling and Heating. We offer top-quality air conditioning installation, maintenance, and tune-up services. Call us for the best services for Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Spring, TX.

What will your tune-up service include?

AcYour technician will carry out a complete unit inspection and tune-up, which include the following processes:

  • Checking the filter and adding a new one if required.
  • Checking for open space near the equipment.
  • Examining Installation quality.
  • Surveying the safety controls.
  • Checking the clean blower components.
  • Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Measuring the refrigerant change and inspecting the condenser drain.

Why choose us?

Our company offers some of the best services available and widely covers a large area in and around Texas. Some of our outstanding services include:
  • Commendable customer service: Here, at JHC Cooling and Heating, we give utmost priority to our customers. Our well-trained professionals provide an honest diagnosis for any problems concerning your HVAC System. They are also always eager to answer any questions you have regarding the service, maintenance of the system, and much more!
  • Round-the-clock booking available: You can schedule an appointment easily. All you have to do is ring us on the given contact number, and our experts will be available instantaneously to guide you through the process.
  • A variety of heating and cooling services: We also offer services similar to our tune-up services, such as installing your AC unit, Maintenance and Repair of the AC unit, and Heater Replacement.
JHC Cooling and Heating offers the best quality air-conditioning services in Spring, TX. We assure a cost-effective, efficient series of services with our trained experts. Request an expert technician and book an appointment for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Spring, TX, today!

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