How to Reset Your Furnace – The Complete Guide

What happens if the furnace is not functioning correctly due to any reason, for example, a high voltage of electricity or an electrical circuit break? It could also stop because of a gas supply issue requiring emergency furnace repair in Humble, TX

Resetting the furnace can be the initial step to solving the problem. Before you call the technician to restart your furnace, try to reset your furnace yourself. Setting your furnace back up is a quick solution to repair simple issues.

When Do You Need To Reset Your Heater?

If an intermittent power outage shuts your furnace off, a restart can restart it. According to experts for heating services in Humble, TX, you should only reset your furnace if the pilot light is not working. It is sometimes difficult to determine if your heater is experiencing an issue with power right away. 

In these situations, it is possible to reset your heater whenever there is an issue. Also, before resetting any furnace, take your time attentively and check for signs of a leak in the fuel. The experts for heating services in Humble, TX, advise not to attempt to reset it if a gas leak or any other fuel leak is causing the problem.

How To Reset a Furnace?

It is essential to look at the furnace’s type if you own an electric furnace that runs on fuel such as gas or oil. Most furnaces utilize the pilot light system with a small flame always on in the furnace. However,  modern furnaces can utilize an electric igniter instead. 

The steps to reset the two types of furnaces are essentially the same. However, those furnaces which do not possess a pilot lamp should avoid any steps that instruct people to alter the light.

Here's What One Must Do To Reset The Furnace

  • Check that your pilot lights are off: Ensure your heater isn’t on and turn the fuel valve until you shut it off.
  • Reduce your thermostat to a low setting: The thermostat should be set at its lowest level. This will stop it from turning on your furnace in a way that is unnecessary and sending hot air into your home when it restarts.
  • Turn off the power to the furnace: Locate the switch to disconnect the furnace. It’s typically on the front of the furnace or an adjacent wall. If you can’t locate it, visit the circuit breaker to switch off the furnace’s power.
  • The pilot switch should be turned to the off position: To light the pilot switch, start by shutting off the gas to your furnace’s main supply. Open the gas supply line to the pilot and secure a match against the opening.
  • Turn the switch back on: Bring back power to your furnace by turning the switch that disconnects the furnace to restore power. Then, use the knob to turn off your main gas supply.
  • Hold and press your reset switch: If the furnace has a reset button, press it, and press it again for about 30 seconds to finish the reset.
  • Raise the temperature of your thermostat: Now is the time to check if the reset succeeded. The thermostat should be set to a level greater than your internal temperature to see if your heating element starts to operate.

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