How To Clean Your Goodman AC Unit?

AC maintenance is pivotal to the functioning of your HVAC system. In most cases, an air conditioner needs replacement because of poor maintenance. By not checking on your AC, you are reducing its efficiency. Keeping your Goodman AC unit helps your air conditioner perform efficiently. You can save some bucks on energy consumption by ensuring your Goodman AC is well maintained.

Cleaning your Goodman AC unit can be achieved in two ways. You can Google AC repair Humble TX. Or you can perform some quick D-I-Ys by following the guide given below.

8 Tips to Clean your Goodman AC Unit

  • Turn off the AC – You cannot hope to clean your Goodman AC Unit without turning off your AC. That would be dangerous as you can potentially electrocute yourself or cause any other damage. Turn off the power at the breaker-box for cleaning the interior unit. You can use the shut-off box to stop the exterior unit’s power.
  • Maintenance of Goodman AC – Use a screwdriver to unravel the exterior unit of the condenser. Remove the fasteners of the Goodman condenser. 
  • Cleaning the fins of your Goodman AC Unit – You can use both wet and dry vacuum for cleaning the AC. Brush the dirt off with a vacuum attachment and hose it down with a gentle spray of water. Do not be too harsh with the water spray if your Goodman AC Unit is too dirty. Instead, call a professional by looking up the AC maintenance Humble TX.
  • Putting the fins straight – You can straighten up the fins of your exterior unit with a butter knife or a special fin-straightening tool. However, this can be dangerous and should be left to professionals. 
  • Clean around the unit – Do not miss cleaning the area surrounding your Goodman AC Unit. Use a brush and clean the surrounding 2 feet in all directions. Cover the unit’s top with plastic in the winter to prevent vermin and debris buildup in the unit.
  • Leveling the condenser – Use rot-resistant shims to level the Goodman condenser. Note however that a slight slope is important. The slope helps to defrost the run-off in chill weather.
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil – This can be a little tricky as you need to unscrew some parts. Use a dry brush to clean the dust off the coil. Follow it with a coil cleaner. You can also clean the drip pan by using a simple solution of equal parts bleach and hot water with some soap. The last step can be skipped if your solution drains quickly.
  • Cleaning the clogged evaporator drain – You can use either a dry or wet vacuum to clean the mold and algae in the clogged evaporator drain. Always get the filter out while cleaning to ensure minimum damage. Use duct tape to create a tight space around the gap when cleaning the pipe.

If you are looking for AC repair near me or an air conditioning tune-up spring, JHC Cooling and Heating is your best choice. Cleaning your Goodman AC Unit can be complicated. Trust professionals to clean your Goodman air conditioner instead of relying on amateurs.