How To Change The Capacitor on Your Goodman AC?

The capacitor could be a consistent source of all the malfunctions regarding your air conditioning unit. While the part may only cost anywhere from $10 to $20, calling a repair person can easily cost you $300 to $400. Undoubtedly, the cost benefits of replacing the capacitor on your own are apparent. While air conditioner repairs may need the hands of a professional, replacing a capacitor is something you can do yourself.

How To Replace a Capacitor Yourself

Inside the aircon panel, the can-shaped part has a few details on its side. Buy a capacitor of these exact specifications. You can easily replace a capacitor with tools and materials you have at home. Here are the steps to follow once you’ve bought your replacement capacitor.

Turn Power Off

There should be a block fuse or a local circuit breaker connected directly to the air conditioning unit; make sure to turn the circuit breaker off or remove the short fuse. Turn the thermostat in your home off as well, as this will prevent low charges from making their way into the capacitor while you’re working.

Remove The Access Panel

The access panel located in the upper corner of the air conditioner casing needs to be removed. Use nut drivers to remove the mounting screws and store those screws safely.

Remove The Capacitor And Label The Wires

To discharge the capacitor, hold the blade of an insulated screwdriver across the external terminals protruding from the capacitor. This short-circuits the capacitor and gets rid of the existing electric current in it. 

Inspect the wires and find where the wires ‘fan’, ‘compressor’, and ‘common’ are connected. At the top of the old capacitor, you must see ‘F’, ‘C’, and ‘Herm’ for fan, common, and compressor, respectively, which indicates where each wire should go. Label the wires with where they are supposed to get attached and detach the wire connectors and wires from the old capacitor. You can now remove the old capacitor.

Install The New Capacitor

Place the new capacitor where the old one was and use a mounting strap if necessary. Connect the ends of the spade wire connectors to the appropriately labeled posts on the new capacitor; fan to F, common wire to C, and compressor wire to Herm.

Turn The Power on And Test

Turn the power back on for the AC unit by placing the short fuse or switching the circuit breaker. Turn on the thermostat and set it to a low temperature to start the AC. If the unit does not start working, it may be because you have incorrectly connected the wires. In this case, turn the power off and turn it on again.

Once verified that the air conditioner is working, screw the access panel back onto the air conditioning casing. While you could replace the capacitor on your own, it is necessary to call an expert for AC repair Humble TX. And when spring rolls around, it is advisable to consult a technician regarding AC Maintenance Humble TX. At JHC Cooling and Heating, we provide safe and reasonable consultation and repair prices in the Greater Houston Area. Contact us for more details.