How Do You Know Your AC Is Low On Freon?

Freon is the chemical refrigerant used in household cooling systems. Over time, people have begun understanding the terms and the complications related to chemicals and AC maintenance

However, in cases of low Freon, you should contact AC repair in Humble, TX, and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It highlights the importance of regular inspection and maintenance, 

Telltale Signs That Your AC is Low on Freon

Like every other electrical appliance, there are warning signs associated with your AC issues. Any leak or mistake can lead to severe effects on your AC. Thus, read the signs to know when your AC needs a Freon recharge.

  • Hissing and Dripping Sounds

The hissing sound clearly indicates gas escaping from the AC unit. The presence of a leak becomes quite clear, and the amount of Freon released can be known. 

The dripping or bubbling sounds are created by leaking water from the ice over the refrigerant line. These signs indicate an AC malfunction that requires immediate expert attention.

  • The Layer of Ice on Refrigerant Coils

Low refrigerant causes the compressor to release cold refrigerant, which attracts moisture around the coils and freezes up. This way, heat insulation is provided by the refrigerant due to its less quantity. As the temperature reduces, the ice melts, and water drips out.

  • AC is Blowing Hot Air

A constant level of refrigerant is required for your AC unit to perform at maximum efficiency. If the level drops, cooling won’t occur, and the air vents will blow out hot air. This hot air will circulate from the indoor to the outdoor unit. So, check the other settings too.

  • Higher Electricity Bill

If you receive a higher than usual electricity bill, one possible reason could be the low Freon levels. With low Freon, your AC will have to work harder and reach the desired temperature for cooling. It will take long hours to finish cooling, and the electrical bills will spike up for that month.

  • Reduced Cooling Efficiency

It is the easiest method to measure AC efficiency. If you notice that the earlier 1 hour of cooling takes more than 3 hours now, remember to sign up for an inspection at a trusted vendor with positive public reviews.

  • Water Leakage Around the Furnace

The ice gets collected around the refrigerant lines when the temperature is low. Similarly, when the temperature increases, all the ice melts down and puddles near the furnace. In an HVAC system, water leakage around the furnace is a matter of immediate concern.

  • Visible Freon Leaks 

Once in a while, you can see visible leaks in the refrigerant coil once the indoor unit is opened. It looks like a greyish film that covers the areas around the leak on the coil. Contact your trusted HVAC service provider immediately, as refrigerants are toxic to humans and the environment.

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