How Do You Know If Your Thermostat Has Power?

Issues with your air conditioning units can be caused due to numerous problems. These difficulties can become more conspicuous, particularly after you restart your air conditioning system after the chilly winter. Out of all other important internal parts, a fully operative thermostat is the most crucial component of any air conditioning unit. 

As a thermostat is usually invisible, many homeowners do not pay much regard to the condition of the thermostat. However, it is important to pay utmost attention to your thermostat as a faulty thermostat can demand costly repairs, and you will be required to call up an expert for AC maintenance in Humble, TX, frequently. 

How to check if your thermostat has power?

While thermostats of your air conditioning unit do not create problems frequently, it is better not to neglect any potential problems when getting your air conditioner repaired or at the time of your air conditioning replacement in Humble, TX. If you think there are some issues with the thermostat, it is not difficult to fix them. Mentioned below are some of the points to check if your thermostat has power – 

Ensure the thermostat is switched on

It’s always a great approach to begin every troubleshooting process with the easiest resolution. Therefore you must always confirm that the thermostat’s main power switch is turned on as multiple thermostats can unintentionally switch off during regular dusting. Also, when the system has remained off during the winters, you can easily forget to turn on the thermostat. 

Replace or check the batteries

If your air conditioner holds a thermostat that is battery powered, you can try replacing the batteries with a new one if you think the thermostat holds no power. However, as many homeowners usually forget to check or replacing the batteries, it can be a significant reason for the thermostat not working. Hence, you must always ensure to replace the thermostat batteries every six months. 

Inspect the circuit breaker panel

The next easiest solution to check that a thermostat holds no power is a blocked circuit breaker. This is one of the most prevalent reasons for power outlets, appliances, and HVAC devices not operating. To rectify this issue, you must open the electrical panel and watch for a switch not aligned with other switches. If you notice a misaligned switch, you must turn it off and then switch it on to check whether the thermostat has power or not. However, if the issue persists, you must always seek professional assistance for AC maintenance in Humble, TX.  

Clean the thermostat regularly 

Dirty thermostats filled with dust and debris can prevent them from operating effectively and result in reduced or no power. Hence, you must always clean the thermostat regularly to remove that dust and dirt for efficient working. 
If you are lately experiencing problems with your thermostat and it is still not resolved even after the DIY steps, you can always contact our skilled professionals. To resolve all your issues related to maintenance, repairs, and air conditioning replacement in Humble, TX, you can give us a call at (281)-658-4946 or drop us an email at