6 Furnace Safety Tips For Every Homeowner Should Keep In Mind This Winter

Your furnace does an amazing job of keeping your home safe, warm, and comfortable during the extreme cold temperature outside. However, like every other machine, continuous usage can also develop some problems that may lead to safety hazards in your home. 

6 Furnace Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know To Help Keep The Heating System Running Safely Throughout the Season

  • Get an Annual Tune-up

The best way to avoid furnace problems and ensure the high efficiency of your furnace is to schedule furnace maintenance with JHC Cooling and Heating, a reputable contractor providing services in Humble, TX and surrounding areas. During a tune-up, a professional will look for any problems that may cause harm, such as a cracked heat exchanger or frayed electrical wires.  Thus, a tune-up is essential for every system as it also provides you the peace of mind that your system will run safely.

  • Change the Air Filters

A dirty or clogged air filter restricts the airflow to your furnace, forces your system to overwork, and increases the chances of carbon monoxide leaks. Dirty filters can also lead to dirt building up on your furnace and its components which can cause system inefficiency, poor performance, and safety troubles. Thus every homeowner must keep a check on these filters once every month and perform the necessary replacements or repairs.

  • Clear the Area Around the Furnace

You can minimize the risk of fire hazards by keeping the area around your furnace clear. Never store paper, cardboard, or other flammable objects near your furnace. These products might come in contact with the furnace’s burners and could start a fire in your home. Keeping the area clear will allow you and your service technician to access your system easily.

  • Check the Smoke Alarms

Several furnace problems can result in fire hazards and may eventually harm you and your property. Thus every homeowner must regularly keep on the home’s smoke alarms. So make sure your smoke alarms are working properly. Also, keep in mind to install a fresh pair of batteries if the previous ones are not working.

  • Check the Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A malfunctioning furnace can be responsible for a carbon monoxide leak which is a big safety threat to your home. It is necessary to check that the carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working properly. Test these detectors and replace the old batteries in each unit with new ones.

  • Keep the Air Registers Open and Clear

Walk around your home and ensure that the air registers are not blocked by furniture or other objects present in your home. If these air registers are blocked, the furnace is overheated. Clean air registers will help you prevent safety hazards and allow warm air to move freely throughout your home.


You don’t want to take any chances with your furnace, so it is good to be on the safe side. Contact JHC Cooling and Heating anytime you need heating services in Humble, TX. Our expert technicians will reach out to you quickly to provide you with the best services to resolve your issues.