5 Most Frequently Occurring Furnace Problems

Every person loves walking into a cozy warm home after spending a day out during the winter season. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you step in the door and immediately understand that something is wrong with your furnace as there is no warm air.

When the temperature in your house feels off during the wintertime, the heating is most likely to blame, and this often happens due to internal issues or lack of maintenance. Therefore, to spare yourself of the horror of staying without a furnace, even for a day, it is better to call for timely furnace maintenance in Humble, TX.

What Are The Five Most Commonly Occurring Furnace Problems?

Below are some of the most prevalent furnace issues that demand timely furnace repair in Humble, TX:

  • A Filthy Air Filter

It is by far the most prevalent furnace issue, yet it’s also one of the simplest to resolve! When your furnace’s air filter gets clogged, it becomes challenging for your heater to circulate air correctly. As a result, your furnace has to work more than usual.

Apart from this, it may even shut down to protect itself from damage and can frighten you since, at first glance, it appears that the furnace collapsed. However, before getting tensed, change the air filter and restart your machine to check if its performance improves.

  • Damaged Thermostat

A thermostat is a crucial furnace component that connects with your furnace and maintains the required temperature at your place. However, if the thermostat stops working correctly, it can harm your furnace performance. You may encounter problems like inconsistent heating, short cycling, or difficulty turning on or off.

  • Problem With Ignition Control

The pilot light, also known as the ignition regulator or the ignitor, is a crucial component of your burner. When the furnace gets turned on, the pilot light creates a small flame that consumes natural gas to generate power and heat.

Your furnace will not remain capable of producing heat if it does not have a pilot light. You may hear your furnace constantly attempting to switch on without completing a heating cycle.

  • Wear And Tear

Your heater will start to wear out over time. Also, components that remain subjected to years of warming cycles may become dull, twisted, sluggish, or jolted out of position. If even one of these components fails, the complete unit will stop working.

Without a professional eye, determining which component is damaged is difficult. When you call a Heating and Cooling company, a technician will arrive with advanced repair tools to thoroughly inspect your furnace.

  • Delayed Servicing

Your heater, like your car, requires regular inspection. Without regular maintenance, your furnace will break down and age far faster than a well-maintained furnace.

In addition to DIY service, you should call an expert for upkeep at least once a year. A specialist will clean, grease, and adjust the entire heating system from top to bottom during a comprehensive furnace tune-up.

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